This article will focus in detail on the advantages of working with the niche, go over the testing instructions, optimal traffic sources, and showcase the best offers.

What are the advantages of the adult games niche for an affiliate marketer?

Adult Games is a growing niche. Some people give it the “still picking up momentum” tag, but that isn’t correct - it’s actively developing and attracting affiliates. For example, most video hosting services already feature banners for 18+ games. That’s a wake up call, that the niche is booming and that it’s worth working with this vertical.

Where to start in testing?

We advise you to follow this stages :


Step 1 - understand the product and its audience:

  1. Find the info about your product’s TA (target audience) — how they perceives the offer, how they are affected by visual content, how intensely you must “put the squeeze” on the user to make them perform the target action. 

  2. Make a research of the offers from advertisers. See what actions they pay for in the niche (and what KPIs they use), what kind of GEOs they work with, what types of traffic they accept, what kind of traffic is allowed (mobile, desktop).

  3. Explore all the available analytical tools affiliate programs have to offer. You can use them to test out landing pages and the offers themselves quickly. For example, the Flow tool in Cpamatica.

  4. Go through the entire process, from seeing the ad to achieve the target action. Calculate how long it will take a user to perform the target action.

  5. Evaluate the landing page's loading speed and check if it’s adapted for mobile devices (if it’s aimed at this type of traffic).

Step 2 — actually testing out the offers. And here, we have some tips for you:

  • it would be best if you always stayed in touch with your AM (affiliate manager) - they will answer all your questions;

  • with the help of a tracker and your AM, test out your link yourself;

  • during your initial traffic- driving runs, it’s best to test out different approaches for different channels and then analyze the efficiency of each option separately; 

  • appropriately evaluate the results of your ad campaigns and draw the correct conclusions. For example, to get 1-2 sales on the RU GEO, you need around 200 user registrations. And to get the same number of sales in the US - around 80-120. 


The best traffic sources to choose (+TOP GEOs)

List of the best traffic sources for 18+ games:

  • Porn sites. Just look at Pornhub or Youporn - all them have adult game banners. The largest ad networks — Exoclick, Traffic Factory, Traffic Junky, Traffic  Stars. CR (conversion rate) — 0.00-0.03%. EPC (earnings per click) — from $0.01.

  • SEO-optimized thematic websites. Pages optimized for the queries we need will bring good traffic from relevant queries. CR — 0.05-0.2%. EPC — from $0.1.

  • Streaming platforms. Afreeca, Twitch, Youtube etc. The creatives for these websites must be as white-hat as possible, since they don’t accept 18+ ads. CR — 0.01%. EPC — от $0.005.

  • Teaser ads. Take a look at platforms like RevContent, TeaserNet etc. CR — 0.005%. EPC — from $0.025.

What path does the user take (funnel)?

Based on the data above, you can choose the right funnel for attracting leads. But the most effective (and recommended ones for beginners) are:

  1. Pre-roll ads or gif-banners. Pre-roll ads are short videos 10-20 seconds long that the user is shown before the actual video is displayed. They must be bright and visually attractive.

  2. Pre-landing page. Weed out non-target users, warm up the remaining ones and redirect your TA to the landing page. 

  3. Landing page. Pages where users register and enter their card info.


By the way, in the Adult Games niche, pre-roll ads are considered to be the most effective, since this vertical’s TA perceives content mostly visually. And pre-roll screenshots can be used in additional channels to attract leads: push notifications, email mailing lists, etc.  

Which payout model to choose?

In the Adult Games niche, there are several payout models: 

  • Tutorial – you get paid when the user passes the game’s tutorial;

  • DOI – you get paid when the user registers and confirms their email;

  • PPS – you get paid when the user enters their credit card info;


A beginner should choose the simplest flow – payment per registration. This option will let you both get your feet wet and obtain some initial results. An experienced webmaster can skip that and go straight to the complex flows like PPS (payment per credit card attachment).

How to tell that the 18+ game you picked will find a good response?

By studying the results of your tests. But you need to understand that different traffic sources have different volumes of traffic driven to them, which will let you know that “this game is bound to be a hit!” In other words, you need to see the percentage for each stage of the funnel and, as soon as you realize that you are in the black, gradually scale the campaign up.

Top 4 offers from Cpamatica

Let’s take a look at 4 offers from Cpamatica that are doing well right now.

1. VRFuckDolls - Desktop/Mobile [WW] PPS

Description: A virtual game where the user is invited to create a player himself.

  • GEO: US - $44, DE - $56, CA - $44, UK - $56, AU - $48, RU - $24;

2. XXXCyberGames - Mobile/Desktop [WW] PPS

Description: White Label from Cpamatica with a bright updated design and visual effects.

  • Top GEO: US, RU, UK, FR, DE, PL - $50.

3. WestSluts - Desktop/Mobile [WW] PPS

Description: A western-style game with cowboys, plaid shirts and girls with guns. 

  • GEO: DE - $56, AU - $48, US - $44;

4. RealAdultSexGame - Desktop/Mobile [WW] PPS

Description: A flash game for adults with high-quality 3D animations.

  • GEO: US - $44, CA - $44, AU - $48, FR - $56;


One more thing: There are a few more key points to keep in mind when entering the adult games niche. First, it’s great to have a game with characters similar to famous games like The Sims, Fortnite, Star Wars, Tomb Raider. It’s important that the original be referenced to only slightly. Such games convert and attract attention better. For example, StarWhores (original Star Wars), CyberSlut (original Cyberpunk) etc. Direct references to the original work are strictly prohibited.

Second, include more erotic content in the creo (if the website allows it). And third, use loud phrases in the headlines that attract attention (the details here depend on the specific offer).


And to end this guide off:

  1. While studying the affiliate program, do not forget to analyze the offered promo materials: their quality, audience relevance, etc. Subjectively evaluate their effectiveness, but do not forget to test everything out.

  2. Use tools such as Adplexity, Adspy, Novospy,,, etc. to search for creatives.

  3. Do not forget to visit sites and click on banners yourself - make sure the funnel works as intended.


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