As you may know, adult traffic is one of the most lucrative alcoves in affiliate marketing. Adult entertainment websites can monthly get more visitors than typical retail sites or social media. That’s, apparently, because fruit tastes sweeter when it’s forbidden.

When you decide where to publish your ads, you should keep in mind that the porn business is worth dozens of billions of dollars. And that’s, partially, thanks to advertising.

However, you should also understand that adult traffic comprises not only porn sites but online dating sites, apps, and platforms as well. Anyway, what is beneficial for affiliate marketing in this niche is that rules here are less strict and the traffic is just enormous. But how to use these pros? Here are some clues.

Let’s see how adult affiliate programs function

First of all, you should realize that this niche is filled with spam. In case you want to find any qualitative information, you will have to run through the circles of Hell, which includes clickbait links and so on.

Secondly, put it in your mind that there are no clear instructions. All the info that you may want to get is buried in different forums, and people, who provide it, usually prefer remaining anonymous. Therefore, be skeptical whenever you get any pieces of advice.

Thirdly, remember that the best ads on adult entertainment sites are those which have not been designed according to boring standards. Something amateurish with strange images and even misspelling will work better for you than a typical ad. The thing is that men, who visit porn sites, are usually focused on the content that they are looking for and only something odd can distract them from the point.

Fourthly, if you ultimately decide to put your nose into adult advertising, make sure you do a lot of probing and tracing.

And, finally, do not forget about your target audience. There are different age groups which visit various adult sites, so make sure you act consistently when offering them your ads.

Which Ad networks to use?

When you search for the ad network, make sure you balance the price, offer, tracing and variants. Traditionally, advertising networks which work with adult content have various payoff options. Therefore, you can be quite flexible when choosing them.

Commonly, adult sites can provide you with CPM and special adult solutions like purchases or subscriptions. Also, they may offer you CPA and CPC variants. All you have to do is get familiar with them, analyze them and make your own conclusions.

Here are some of the Ad networks in the adult niche:

  • TrafficJunky
  • Ero-Advertising
  • ExoClick
  • TrafficStars
  • JuicyAds

Remember that geolocation is crucial

But before getting to that stage, let's look at something else.

The adult niche in affiliate marketing is highly dependent on the geolocation, in particular, when it comes to online dating websites. It is important to remember that there are three groups of target countries (usually).

The US, the UK, Germany, and France are considered to be the most beneficial locations for advertisers, but the rivalry there is very tough.

In some other countries, like Turkey, Russia, Argentina, as well as South Africa, usually adult traffic is not that significant, the way the contention is.

Another group of target countries comprises Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Brazil, and the Netherlands. At the time when their traffic is quite equitable, the rivalry leaves much to desire.

Nevertheless, if you are not acquainted with a specific area, its language, and traditions, you can quickly fail. How to survive and which region to choose?

Naturally, you have to consider your capabilities. If you have a large budget, go for countries such as the US. Anyway, the best way to go is when competition is low so as your budget. This way, you will be able to maximize your efforts and do as much testing as needed without severe losses.

When you are done with choosing a region, explore the possibilities. Sometimes you will have to use anonymizer-like instruments like AdPlexity. Also, carry out a standard A/B testing. Yes, you will lose some initial capital, but that’s worth it. And remember that you should test various banners, lander combinations and so on.

So if you decide to wriggle through the world of fraudsters, hackers and spamming, which have deluged the adult niche, you will have to do a lot of testing and spying. However, it is worth it, as adult traffic is exceptionally beneficial in affiliate marketing.