Choosing between advertisers and affiliate networks is a core dilemma of all affiliates. But before we find a solution, let’s analyze how the entire affiliate marketing works and what you can get from it.

That’s How Affiliate Marketing Works

Here's the primary thing that any affiliate marketing newbie needs to understand. There are always two sides in the game. Affiliates – websites which have traffic and can promote others for a commission, and advertisers – those, who are eager to sell something to visitors of sites. In other words, the latter want their sites advertised via sites or other means of affiliates and get high conversion

Theoretically, an affiliate can work with advertisers side-by-side, there’s nothing wrong about it. But if an affiliate wants to run a prompt test with 15 similar products from various advertisers, it might be quite challenging. It means that an affiliate will have to engage 15 companies, prepare 15 sundry setups and send traffic to 15 various places. That’s time and energy consuming, for sure.

Furthermore, there’s much more severe stopper – payment terms. If you work with each advertiser individually your earned money for tests with, for example, -30% ROI would be very low and irregular. The greater number of advertisers, on top of that, have their own limitations for sending payment – they might not send you less than $150. If you try to use PayPal, other online payment systems or use banks’ services, you might still lose your money paying fees.

All this doesn’t sound pleasing, right?

Super Affiliate Networks Weigh in to Save You

If you don’t want to suffer:

  • looking for advertisers,
  • negotiating with them,
  • establishing the conditions for the promotion of their goods and services,
  • finding the common ground for payment issues

That’s when you should turn to affiliate networks for help.

But before you jump to conclusions, let’s look at all benefits and drawbacks of dealing with affiliate networks.

Benefits of Dealing With Affiliate Networks

No Need to Worry About Advertisers Anymore

Affiliate networks create strong ties with advertisers (with hundreds of them, to be precise) and provide you access to them via one platform. Once you join the affiliate net, there is no need for striving to find connections with advertisers anymore.

Immense Range of Offers

Partnership with affiliate networks will also help you focus on the quality of your performance rather than the number of offers you would have to haunt. Because affiliate networks can boast about close relations with advertisers, they also constantly provide affiliates offers.

Continual Support

Another huge advantage of relying on affiliate networks is almost the 24/7 support. Affiliate networks usually have special departments or a group of consultants who are ready to guide both experienced and “green” affiliates through the industry.

Stable Payments

But the top benefit is the stable payments. When working one-on-one with advertisers you might not always be in control of the offers that you get or tests that you run successfully. Thus, in low seasons you may get nothing or start running at a deficit.

By contrast, this won’t happen when working with affiliate networks – and this is the most significant advantage of such a deal. Moreover, you will never get fractional payments from affiliate networks for each advertiser but the combined one. This is excellent when doing testing something from different advertisers – you won’t have to ever worry about small “handouts.” Also, an affiliate networks will always send you the revenues even if something happened to the advertiser.

Drawbacks of Working With Affiliate Networks

Sure enough, there are some disadvantages too.

Firstly, networks take their share too. Usually, it is from 10% to 30% of the deal. The good news is that if you are a high volume affiliate, the network won’t care about percentages but the final earning. Thus, it will provide you the better conditions for driving more sales, registrations and so on.

Secondly, you need to be concerned that not all affiliate networks are trustworthy. Before buying a pig in a poke, make sure you’ve done some research and considered all the alternatives. Take into account that some affiliate networks are better at particular verticals, whereas those which work with “everybody” might be suspicious.

So Can You Rely on an Affiliate Network?

Yes, it is highly recommended as advantages of the dealing outweigh their disadvantages.

However, you may never know for certain whether your affiliate network is genuine or not, so the combination is everything. The latter means that you should seek help, not from one but several affiliate networks at a time. In addition, you shouldn’t forget some of your tried-and-true advertisers and work with them too, at least sometimes.