Lets say you have your own website in the dating niche, where people from all over the world come to find love or smth else. You want to monetize it, choosing particular offers. It is hard to pick the offer that accepts all the geos and all the ages. So what if the traffic is mixed, and you don't want to lose any of it.

Probably the first thing that comes to mind is smartlink. But let’s see what are the pros and cons.

Again, what is a smartlink?

This is a tool that allows affiliates to access multiple offers from just one link. It automatically selects the offer relying on several parameters for each user who clicks on the affiliate link. For the affiliate marketer, it looks like a single URL that monetizes all the traffic it gets.

But there are several disadvantages:

  • unclear optimization. Most often, it is not disclosed on what principle the traffic was distributed (except for targeting by geo, gender, age), how the user goes to this offer and not to another.
  • sending users to the same product multiple times
  • data loss when transferring information to the advertiser
  • rare pay increases 

Earlier, we announced our LoveMe product for the RU market, which works on the principle of smart linking, but also includes additional monetization, which increases the partner's EPC. Today we will tell you about the new option. We have created a Flow.

Flow is a smartlink made just for you. You choose the offers you want to send traffic to, and get one unique link, perfect for your goals.

How does it work?

Let's say you have PWA/application as a traffic source for which you buy traffic from Germany, USA, UK and Spain. What should be done?

  1. Click on Flows in the Menu section and click “Create”.
  2. Select the offer where the remnant (inappropriate for targeting) traffic will be sent. We recommend using standard smartlinks.

  3. Select the direct offers you want to send traffic to. In this case, these are offers that are available in the Cpamatica directory with targeting to DE.

  4.  Click "Get the link" and launch a campaign for several hundred clicks.
  5.  Optimize and remove campaigns with negative ROI after a little test.

Advantages of a custom smartlink:

  • you can see all the statistics by offers in the link
  • add/remove offers from the link by yourself
  • get increased rates on separate offers and individual conditions for a quality traffic
  • split several offers at once


How does it look in practice?

In order not to say much, we will show how Flow is used on the example. All statistics and data were taken with the permission of the partner.

Objective: To test the performance of adult offers for Germany. On May 12th 8 offers were added to Flow.

We optimize the flow and leave only offers 4902, 4977 and 4602. And take a look has EPC has increased.



Thus, you can split offers of a specific topic (adult games, mainstream, niche dating, etc.) and geo. At the same time, continue to receive increased caps and payments from advertisers on individual offers. If you can't distribute traffic to direct offers using the TDS system in the same way, Flow is an excellent and free solution for you.


You no longer need to choose whom to entrust your fate to, an unknown algorithm, or direct offers. Split offers right away and save your time and money. You can test the functionality right now. If you have any difficulties in creating or optimizing Flow, our managers will help.

Do you use smartlinks? Tell us how you feel about them? Are you sending all your traffic there, or just the remnant one? We will be glad to have a meaningful conversation.