Do you have this feeling that you ran out of any interesting ideas to promote your product? Have you already used all the words you could and now you are stuck? That’s quite a popular problem and, fortunately, we know how to solve. So here in this article, we will uncover dozens of new angles for any offer that you can come up with quite quickly. Sounds exciting? Let’s go then!

New angles for your product

There is no need to describe how important it is to choose the productropriate words when telling about the product you have, right? So now we will try to look at the features of your product from the other angle and offer you new options for promoting it.

1. Be simple

Explain the main features of your product as simple as possible, as if you were telling it to your grandmother. Try to find out the core thing and focus on it.

2. Unique tools and pros

Find the two main features of your product and the advantages it brings to the customers. Then try to make a point in your phrases with them included. So if it’s an product for the camera, the feature can be that it blurs the background and the benefit is that the photo looks like a professional one. So what you can say is the following: “XXX-product - blurs the background of your photos to make your Instagram page look highly professional”.

3. Customers

Here you should think of your potential users. Who will see your ad? Who will use your product? If it’s two different groups of people, create two messages to them. Bear in mind that each of the group has its reasons for choosing your product.

4. Prevention

Tell the story of what your product prevents from. Maybe your audience has a fear of something and this product make them feel secure. Tell about it.

5. Turn to superheroes

Here you have a huge choice. Choose your favorite superhero and tell a story from his point of view. How would he describe a product? What would he do with it? Plenty of place for fantasy here.

6. Tell the worst story

This option often works, actually. Be as crazy as possible and explain your product strangely stupid in some way, make a joke. For example, if you want to ad the photo product, make something like: “Want to cover those teen pimples? Here is XXX-product”.

7. Who causes the problem?

Here think about who causes the problem that your product solves. Make an angle on that.

8. What would happen to the person without your product?

Your product definitely does some good. Give the predictions on what might happen if the customer doesn’t get it?

9. Compare with others

Your product competes with some other products. Find out what makes your offer better than theirs and what bad sides those products have, which yours don’t. Pay attention to the complaints of the customers on those products and make it your powerful tool.

10. What would newspapers say

That is quite an unexpected angle, really, but it is the one that works. Think about how your product would be described in media? Or not even your particular product, but the problem that it solves. Come up with some loud headline and transform it so that it works for your benefits.

11. Think about the customer

Do that only in your mind. Imagine the customer asking the “Why” questions about your offer. Why would they need it? Alright, but why? Give as many reasons as possible and here will be your new angle.

12. Convince friends

For sure you have friends who are potential customers for the product. Try to persuade them to install it. What arguments would you use? What will convince them to accept your offer? Use these phrases as a new angle to promote your product.

13. What does media say?

Target your product in a precise country. Check out their news and what their current issues are about. It can bring you a new angle on how to present your product.

14. Breaking

This angle is also inspired by the media. Try to add “Breaking” or “Urgent” to your headline and here is a new angle.

15. What’s new here?

The “new” angle is a little bit similar to the “breaking news” one. Here you should focus on the features that are outstanding and present them, like: “New: 100 Filters You Have Never Used For Free”.

There are various angles how you can sell your offer and make it unique among hundreds of others. The market for mobile products today is huge and so is the competition. It is not enough to create a good option – you also have to know how to tell about it to the public.

Be creative and think about your product from as many points of view as possible. Create various angles, based on the problems that your product solves, on your audience, its needs, on general trends today, etc. As soon as you master the skill, you will see how many opportunities you have to tell about your product in an interesting way.