Even if you have looked through dozens of lifehack blogs or read a bunch of articles-aimed-at-professionals about affiliate marketing, it might remain confusing for you when putting a theory to the test. How to understand whether this particular campaign has chances to succeed? How to optimize your affiliate marketing strategy before it fails? How to know whether an ad or a landing page has perspectives?

Here are the answers to these and a plethora of other questions in the guise of 7 Dos and 7 Don’ts in affiliate marketing campaign optimization.


1. Don’t depend on intuition

Never rely only on your instincts and feelings when making a decision. Instead, trust in statistical math. Sure enough, figures are much more precise than your personal preferences, which can be backed by a misleading understanding of the reality. Otherwise, there is remarkably high possibility that you will cut on important things.

2. Don’t rely on single-day data

For that, you might need to gather data every day and every night to see a broader “picture” of state. Never trust a single day’s info only.

3. Don’t ignore statistical significance

Do not even try to carry out testing without taking into account statistical significance, unless you want to spend $200 and get only $0.40 revenue after very few site visitors turn into paying customers. Only statistical significance can help you understand which ads to keep and which to cut on. Once you are sure that the smell is suspicious, better give up on that ad and start experimenting with other options.

4. Don’t abandon CTR.

Even though click-through rate (CTR) might not always be the best forecaster of ad/landing page potential success, it is way better than conversion rate (CVR) in that.

5. Don’t panic

Affiliate marketing campaigns can be extremely volatile: today they show positive trends, tomorrow – devastating ones. But you should always stay calm and not panic. If you have a poor return on investment (ROI) on a particular day – look around, maybe people went out on a national celebration.

6. Don’t keep useless ads

If you see that the ad can’t probably bring you earnings, wind it up on CTR. You should not keep an advertisement if the highest click-through data gives you high cost per click without revenues. Don’t wait for conversion rate.

7. Don’t dodge testing novel concepts

Ideas would not be ideas if they were not strange. But their oddity should not stop you from trying them out. You may never know when the following idea implementation will bring you significant profits.



1. Do cut on things thoughtfully

If you decide to give up on something, don’t do it randomly. Better begin with horrible placements. After that, go on to banners, landers and offers once they attain statistical significance. You should not give up on them in a row because they are rivals.

2. Whenever is possible, do apply Bayesian testing

What is good about Bayesian testing is that when comparing it to regular split-test calculations, one can see that it is less expensive and does not amass errors.

3. Do split-test offers against each other

Lots of marketing failures occur because people don’t come up with a correct offer/traffic source superposition. But the last ones help to increase the success to 80%.

4. Do split-test the same offer through various networks

Despite the fact that it might seem useless or bizarre to you, running the offer across several networks is considered to be one of the best ways of making a campaign more efficient.

5. Do carry out bot test

This way, you will not waste time anticipating for placements to attain statistical significance.

6. Do look for anything that can generate profit

On the whole, your campaign may not be that profitable, but it doesn’t mean that there are no so-called “profit pockets,” set by gadgets, software and so on. Analyze the data and consider the alternatives.  

7. Do be creative

You may get stuck when repeating all of your actions again and again and when using the same tools and methods at work. Change the design of your site, start using new photo banks, adjust fonts, etc. Push yourself forward by creative thinking!