More and more people meet their lifelong partner on the Internet. This surge in online Dating has led to a $ 2.5 billion industry in the United States. People are willing to pay hundreds of dollars a year to find the love of their life.

Given this fact, there is fierce competition among dating sites affiliate programs. That's where affiliate marketing comes in.


Let's find out how much money you need to earn and what is the best way to do this

The dating industry by the numbers:

  • 124 million: the number of singles in America;
  • $2.5 billion – cost of online Dating industry in the USA;
  • 50 million: the estimated number of Tinder users;
  • $243: an average spent by the customer of a Dating site a year;
  • 20%: the current percentage fixed relationship that began on the network;



Branded keywords are a great place to start with any industry, as they allow to understand the major players in this market.

The next step is to search and find out whether each of these large sites has an affiliate program. If they do, you can sign up and start earning money.


Affiliate marketing boils down to two things:

  • Get traffic to your website.
  • Get people to buy the product you recommend.

Then, most importantly, you do not have to worry about how you are going to get traffic to your website.


What means the competition level?

The first thing that should strike you from this list of keywords is the high complexity of keywords for the most searched keywords (Dating sites, Dating apps).

There are two ways that you can read. First, is instinct, the feeling that the level of competition is staggering. There is no way that the new website can be for these keywords. The competition is too high.

On the other hand, the level of competition is so high that it creates opportunities for clients. If the competition is so high, some dating sites will not be able to rank well. The level of competition should mean high-level of dating sites commission.


Various sub-categories or niches

When it comes to dating site offers interesting angle is important if you want your website to be successful. There are directions you can take on the Dating website.

You can segment the Dating market based on various factors:

  • Gender (male, female)
  • Sexual orientation (LGBT+)
  • Religion (Christian, Muslim, Jewish, etc.)
  • Job (Teachers, emergency Services, Lawyers/ Doctors)
  • Usage (long term relationships, Dating, communication)
  • Age (College, young professionals, elderly, divorce)

As you can see, these less competitive keywords still have significant search volume. “Gay Dating sites” looking for 14000 times per month, “Dating sites for nerds” gets 1800 searches per month.



Keywords such as “first date tips” “how to ask someone” or “something to talk about on a first date,” perfect keywords to create great content. They are not too competitive from complexity keywords. It makes them a great way to get traffic to your site.


The advantages of Dating affiliate marketing:

  • Growing market: more and more people meet their partners online. It seems that the online Dating market will continue to grow.
  • A lot of competition for dating sites: high level of competition for dating sites means that the emerging sites are offering huge rewards to people.
  • Many niches: There are many different avenues you can take on a Dating site. Many of them have a lot of potential for growth beyond one date.


Cons of Dating Affiliate marketing:

Looking for a Dating niche purely objectively, it makes sense to start exploring affiliate-marketing sites.

Many offers pay well, interesting keywords with high search volume and low complexity of the site.

You can also approach the spot from different sides. For example, if you were to start a Dating website aimed at older people, you leave yourself room to grow the website into a broader lifestyle site for older people. It means that you can promote holidays, for example.


Here is the list of the best dating affiliate programs

White label Dating Solutions

It is the most comprehensive White label Dating solution on the market. Create your dating sites with your brand and domain name and benefit from the highest commission, conversion and retention rates in the industry. Make 65% of all initial members and recurring payments with the current market leader.

Base commission: $5

Type of commission: CPO


Qpid Affiliate

Qpid Network’s affiliate program deals with affiliate issues of this famous world Dating service platform. (,, - Qpid Network members’ sites)

Base Commission: $5

Type of commission: CPA

Earn 100% commission. - international online dating site. It is still overgrowing, mainly because of their ambitious affiliate program. has good conversion rates, and you can turn your traffic into cash quickly. The standard Commission is 75%, but 25% bonus if you generate enough registers, you can earn 100%. Yes, it is true – Match offers a 100% commission!

Base commission:$2

Type of commission: CPA



The more traffic you lead, the more you earn. $5 for program registration is the fastest and most popular way to make money. Affiliate commissions have never been so high in the international dating industry. All you need to do for getting unlimited commissions is to bring targeted traffic registrations from more than 20 countries all over the world.

Base commission: $5

Type of commission: CPA



The program pays you a fixed amount per lead for all registered members of the qualifying country list and age of 30-60. AnnastasiaAffiliate has four international sites. Earn a set $ 5 for each of your targeted clients who register at Anastasia sites. Pay per lead program award a higher fee for registration at the rate you will not find anywhere else in the international Dating Industry. The more leads you bring to this company, the more money you can make!

Base commission: 0%

Type of commission: CPO


A heartfelt business

Professional dating affiliate marketing and dating sites make them reliable and committed partners for motivated dating affiliates. Business models and payment methods conform to strict industry standards, and they are very advanced when it comes to marketing.

For dating affiliates with heart and brain, promoting the services of online dating can be a satisfactory activity for your wallet and your heart.