It's a huge achievement for any affiliate marketing network to secure a position on Blue Book’s Top CPA Networks list. This ranking is chosen by both advertisers and publishers of the performance marketing community and is given to industry leaders that provide excellent levels of customer service, professionalism and consistent ROI.

The 2019 Top 20 CPA Networks Survey is open now and we would deeply appreciate your support. Show us some love by upvoting and get some good karma :)

Why choose Cpamatica?

It is important for publishers, merchants, networks and agencies alike to continue to innovate to add value to the customer journey and drive further growth. We are focused on the implementing new tools for our partners, experience with other channels and changing the way we reward affiliates.

As we saw a statistically significant lift in mobile devices users we have modernized our website and affiliate system for dedicated and trackable mobile experience.

Talking about tools we have implemented such features as: link builder, offers feeds, data feeds and widgets, improved redirection speed up to 40-60ms, strarted a blog and improved our loyalty program. Also we have created as robust an API, that will integrate smoothly with many of your affiliates websites, catalogs and trackers.

After all this been said, we would be honored to receive your continued support by nominating and voting for our company. 

Fun fact: everytime you vote for Cpamatica on mThink Survey, there's a Cpamatica employee sending you a virtual hug.

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