Often this topic is avoided by affiliate marketers, since many have their own optimization methods, which, of course, no one wants to share.


Today we would like to slightly open the veil and tell you what it means, what actions it involves and what methods are used. The presented methodology does not apply to a specific traffic source, but is generally applicable to many dating campaigns.


What is optimization?

Frankly speaking, this is an improvement in performance. Usually, it relates to:

1. Reducing the cost of the conversion/lead/any other targeted action.

2. Increasing the volume (scale) of the leads without increasing the average cost of this action (more user registrations).

3. Improvements in the quality of the leads (more paying users, more product interest, etc.).


Optimization can be carried out on one indicator (direction), or on several at the same time. Below we show you how we optimized an advertising campaign using 2 products as the example: dating site EmilydDates in Nigeria and dating site OiSecret in Brazil.


The process can be started immediately as soon as statistical data begins to arrive in an amount that makes it possible to draw certain conclusions about the course of the advertising campaign.


1. Optimization by niche segment

The main goal of optimisation is to isolate the segments from different audiences, testing of these segments, followed by disabling the bad ones. If users have to perform an action on the site, it is necessary from each segment to attract the maximum number of users to the site.

OiSecret BR is in the mainstream dating niche. To get more targeted traffic, we conditionally divide the campaign into such logical parts: Sexo, Encontros (meeting), Namoro (dating), Relacionamento (relationships), Sugar, App, Bate Papo and around these topics we collect a semantic core.


When launching advertising campaigns on EmilyDates NG, such groups were singled out as Sugar Dating, Sex, Mainstream Dating, App, Chat R.

So, we receive more relevant ads to the segment. And bid management is at campaign level (= one topic / segment level).


On the screenshot, we see that the cost of a lead in a narrower segment is 13% lower.



In each segment, you can also carry out separate optimization of any part of the funnel: landing pages, CTR creatives, etc.


EmilyDates and OiSecret can monetize any dating traffic as long as the user's funnel is logical. For example, sex on a banner, sex on a pre-land, sex on a landing and sex on a post-web site. Meaning, it is important to not only bring the maximum number of regs from the segment, but also to make a logical flow for the user, after which he is more likely to pay.


2. The creatives

Putting just beautiful girls on your banner will not be enough. You need to consider these:

  • Point 1: studio images don't perform better. Moreover, pictures taken with a simple phone with realistic girls convert much better.
  • Point 2: bright colors attract more attention. This can be used for ad formats such as push notifications, banner ads, native ads, etc.
  • Point 3: pay attention to audience preferences, ethnicity, mentality, etc.


For example, in Brazil, from the very beginning, we chose beautiful Latin women to use in creatives. After analysis, it was determined that the photo where a nice body silhouette is visible, is clicked more often. The same method was used to identify such types of images as Neon Latina (girls in bright neon clothes) and Mirror Selfie.


Nigeria is slightly different in this case. Images of girls with BBW body type work best here. Geographies where the majority of the population is black, you needs to be especially careful. sSince skin-the color of the skin in each region/country is different and the audience understands this perfectly. In this case, the images of girls from Nigeria were the best converted.


An example of how landing pages worked in Nigeria after changing images.



According to the test results, Land 2 will perform in CR to Reg 34% better than Land 1. The conversion for sale increased by 2 percentage points.


An example of optimization in Brazil: Girl # 6 (300x250) and Girl # 8 (336x280).

The second column shows the Costs, the third Conv./cost.


3. Narrowing / expanding audiences.

On the one hand, this is necessary to renew the audience (to avoid burnout), as well as to improve the quality of leads ofn the current audience.

Thereis is a lot that can be done, as you can optimize by city, age, interests, etc.

For example, when you target large cities in Brazil (Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro), the cost per lead may slightly increase, but this will increase the conversion from reg to sales, since there are more girls ready to meet in such cities.

Below is the payback by age on EmilyDates NG.


Conclusions and recommendations


  • Optimization of campaigns allows you to reduce the cost of a lead, improve the quality of applications and/or get more leads for the same CPL. If you want to scale in volumes, optimization is simply necessary.
  • Each method is wise to apply step-by step. sSo you can fully analyze which method in your case gives the best result, and which did not work at all or made it worse (this also happens).

Both of these products EmilyDates NG and OiSecret BR are in-house offers from Cpamatica. We give individual recommendations for each partner, offer options for texts and headings and suggest how to increase certain indicators.