Do you want to outrun competitors on the market? Don’t know what tools to use to get efficient results that your clients ask you for? In this article, we will look at such aspects of your work in digital-marketing as popup traffic and redirect.

Pop up and redirect: what are they?

Let’s stop on some terminology first. Some of you may already know it, but for others, it may be a new information to consider.

Pop up traffic can be illustrated with such example. Remember when you were browsing the Web, visiting some websites, clicking links on the site that brought you to the landing page? Well that’s what pop up traffic is.

Similarly, when you visit a site and then are taken to the landing – it is called redirect.

Both options can be the savior of your company or a complete failure. What you have to do at this point of your work is to carry a research and predict, whether they are going to work for your current project. What draws attention to these methods is their price. To work with these types of traffic is kind of cheap, but not always it will bring you to result. More often the quality of traffic is not very high.

Common verticals for mentioned traffics

The most widespread verticals here would be Google play installs, pin submits, sweepstakes, coupons, vouchers, gift cards and any adult offers.

All you need to know

First step

The first thing is that everything has to work perfectly on your landing. If you want your landing to load information quickly, choose the best hardware. The main points you have to consider when choosing are the following:

  • your goals
  • the quality and quantity of the result
  • budget
  • geolocation

Step two: payback speed server and CDN

Payback speed server and CDN are responsible for delivering pages and other content in the Web to the user. If you need to get information to the customer, based in EU, take a server, based in the developed European countries. For Latin America, we would go with a server from USA, etc.

If you are eager to use CDN, turn to the most prestigious ones.

Think about speed

Your landing shouldn’t load long even if it has a lot of traffic. So the best thing you can do is to check loading speed of the landing. Plus, if you do the code spotless, you won’t come across any problems like this.

Track your traffic

You should always use a tracker to check out the traffic. Yes, it will cost you money, but it is not something you can skip and receive a good result. The biggest tracking programs are Thrive, Voluum, Pixelk, Adsbridge, FunnelFlux, iMobiTrax.


In your campaign you will definitely come across the situation when there are bots visiting your landing. Catch them by checking out how many visits were made and what the CTR is. If the CTR is zero after a couple of dozens of visits, consider banning the platform.


Understand the functioning of bidding as it will help you a lot in your work.

Angles and scripts

Agressive angles are usually forbidden today. You should always find out in advance, what’s allowed or what's not because you can be banned if you use aggressive promo.

The goal is to attract user attention as much as possible. So use the ‘back’ button blocking feature, vibration, and sound, alerts, display of model and brand, date display.

Also, look for the better types of optimization as much as possible. It is worth extra expense you may spend as it also means the ability to have more income.

Other ways of monetization

The back button is a powerful source of monetization. For instance, you can direct to another landing, offer or vertical, back to network buying your non-converting traffic or global offers or to your landing and redirecting again until they are converted.

And last

Keep an eye on everything going on around you in this field, check out trends, compare offers, run split tests from different affiliate networks, ask for bumps and for some new offers for your traffic from your AM.

Top networks for redirect and pop up traffic

  • Adcash
  • Zeropark
  • Popcash
  • PopMyAds
  • PopAds
  • PropellerAds