Affiliate Conference in Barcelona? Find Out What You’re Really Going to Do There


Well, you know that it is important to constantly grow to turn into a superaffiliate. You might be sitting there, struggling to improve your ROI by 15% and double your volume, but let’s be frank: you need a recharge.

Between the 18th and 21th of July Barcelona, Spain, you will be welcoming the best and the most promising affiliates at an Affiliate World Europe conference, a must-attend event for all affilate professionals. Sure enough, you will meet sharks of the affiliate marketing there, make influential connections, and grab the most valuable knowledge. But if all affiliate conferences were so refined, it would be boring. Ready to disrupt the boring annual meeting and conference experience?

Here’s an insight into what your time at the conference will really look like.

Before the conference

Either you work in an office or remotely, you are definitely working and sweating in front of your laptop to get the best out of your traffic sources. And you also can’t wait to see sun-kissed Barcelona.

Getting ready

Now you are at an airport, greeting your old-affiliate friends.

Checking into a hotel

Wow, old acquaintances in the hall, again!


Tomorrow you have important meetings, speeches and panels to attend, but you already loose the cannon.


Conference. Day 1

M-m-m, people are smiling and winking at you. They absolutely want you… to be their affiliate. They are trying to poach you!

Then you are meeting your acquaintances to discuss trends all CPAs must watch in 2019. (Cool dude, I like the line of your thinking).

Sometimes it happens you meet bothersome people....

Finally, going for drinks with some managers at a bar!

Now it’s time to attend an unofficial party arranged by partners.


Conference. Day 2

This morning wouldn’t be so bad if not for your headache. Damn, at least you don’t look as bad as The Hangover guys!

It’s all a blur. You’re with a hangover trying to look serious. You pull yourself together and in a last ditch effort try not to fall asleep when talking to people after panels.

It’s time to go to a hotel to get changed and prepare for the official party. Uhm, sorry… fiesta!

Oops… You didn’t expect that many people in a hall of your hotel to have civilized conversations. (And they seem to ignore you).

But then all of you start to paaaaaarty!!!


Conference. Day 3

In the morning, you somehow manage to wake up and invite your best partners to the beach. It’s Barcelona, baby! The best recreational zones for you out there.

You get ready for a beach-meeting with the coolest affiliates! Oh, where have you seen this guy?

Oh no! You got roasted in that scorching sun. Guess how you look like? Yep, red as a lobster. Ouch, it hurts!


Going home

Can you believe it?! The Affiliate World Europe conference is closed now, and you, feeling desperate, are hugging your affiliate friends at the airport… Such a touching moment, you’re going to miss them so much.

Now you are on a plane, reminiscing about the most memorable and warmest moments of the event. You wish the conference never finished. But before that...


Back to life

Have you really attended the conference? Now it seems that all those meetups, speeches and panels (read: hard parties) about the future of affiliate marketing were just a dream… You’ve got a lot of stuff to do so better focus on your CPA, CPI, CPC, ROI and other things that make you a breadwinner!

Want to experience all this? You better register for the upcoming Affiliate World Europe Conference in Barcelona. Seriously, it will pay you off.