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Cpamatica performance agency

Cpamatica helps you expand your business by generating high-quality leads on a CPA (cost per action) basis. We work with advertisers in two dimensions:

Cpamatica traffic channels

Thanks to the joint effort of both units, we deliver traffic from more than 100 countries globally through a wide variety of online channels:

Members area
Push/In-page push
Search traffic
Social media
Many more

How does media buying work?

Social media traffic
Launching campaigns and creating own-brand funnels on social media platforms
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Search traffic
Promote products or services with search engines via comparison websites
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Interest and desire
With extensive targeting features and unique creatives, we find relevant audiences for advertisers
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Right time and place
We reach customers at decision-making moments and offer them perfectly-tailored options
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Leads for the advertiser

We provide high-quality traffic by building own ad funnels on social media

Our target is to generate leads that will be converted into advertisers' profit. We use deep targeting features to reach potential buyers and execute outstanding results.

Own comparison websites

We create comparison websites to reach the most targeted users during their decision-making moments.

Our solution is based on big data and users' digital behaviour, so we can automatically list, rank, and recommend products or services that have a high probability of fitting their needs. We make comparison websites for:

Social Discovery
The user is looking for a solution that satisfies his needs
Discover options
The user visits our web page. We analyze his inquiry and generate the most appropriate options
Evaluate options
We compare options and provide a recommendation to simplify the decision-making process
Decide and purchase
User relies on our recommendation and purchases the product

Our partners

Cpamatica affiliate network

We developed a vast base of 3,000+ ambitious affiliates over the years. Thanks to them, we deservedly bear the status of one of the best affiliate networks on the market. We select partners carefully, constantly analyse their traffic, and, of course, provide an individual approach to each of them. They confirmed their proficiency and are ready to boost your business.

1 step
Offer integration
An advertiser creates an offer that requires product promotion
2 step
Promotion by affiliates
Affiliates promote products through various channels
3 step
Traffic quality control
Our affiliate network controls traffic quality
4 step
Result in leads or sales
The advertiser gets the lead or sale; the affiliate receives the fee

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