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By incorporating a technological approach, precise planning, and detailed data analysis, we tackle our client's marketing challenges. Our aim is to assist online businesses in attracting new customers cost-effectively.

Cpamatica traffic channels

Due to our joint efforts, we deliver traffic from more than 100 countries globally through a wide variety of online channels.

Social networks
Paid Search
PWA apps
Google display
Many more

Cpamatica affiliate network

We provide CPA traffic with a vast base of 10,000+ ambitious affiliates gained through the years. That is why we deserve the status of one of the best affiliate networks. It is all about the generous community of partners who have proved their skills and proficiency. The approach we use implies a careful selection of traffic sources, deep data analysis and, of course, a personal touch.

Offer integration
An Advertiser creates an offer with requirements for product promotion
Promotion by Affiliates
Affiliates promote products through various channels
Traffic quality control
Our affiliate network controls traffic quality
Lead and sale
The advertiser gets the sale; the affiliate receives a fee

Why do advertisers choose us?

Diverse base of webmasters

We promote our client's product through our own 1000+ professional partners network

Extensive geographic regions

We provide our clients access to an extensive network of high-quality traffic spanning over 100 countries

Tracking and reporting tools

Our client has access to real-time reporting and analytics

Traffic segmentation

We segment and distribute traffic to the most engaged targeted audience

High quality traffic

We adhere to high standards while selecting our affiliate partners

Expert support

We provide a personal manager to assist, guide, and inspire

Traffic sources of our internal marketing teams

Paid Search
We monitor and analyze the metrics of advertising campaigns in real-time to bring in motivated consumers
Organic Search Traffic
We deliver high-quality digital content, including rankings, expert reviews, and side-by-side product comparisons
Social Media
We craft marketing flows, and draw customers to our clients’ brands across various verticals
Media Buying
Our internal team with Push, Pop, Members Area Traffic, etc., is ready to find you the best clients

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