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Undoubtedly, you want to be one of the successful affiliates. You can earn profits by promoting adult dating or hookup sites, sex toys or sex dolls, adult entertainment sites or platforms – it’s up to you. But don’t take up all challenges at a time as it might be more than you can chew. Here are the easiest adult affiliate programs for newbies.
Many people believe forums are dying, but they actually are the driving force of the affiliate marketing. On such niche forums, both affiliates and advertisers find unique information, establish new contacts with partners and clients and learn about affiliate conferences. Here are 8 affiliate forums that will tell you everything.
As the most competitive ad trackers are increasing their prices, it’s time to consider alternatives. Check out the best ad trackers to help you maximize your return on investment and track traffic to your website from various platforms. This affiliate marketing review focuses on both their pros and cons.
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You’ve probably been wondering how to start your affiliate marketing journey. The first question to ask is, what are the best traffic sources for beginners in affiliate marketing? We will give you a full list of the best traffic sources for newbie affiliates to help you make the most out of your work.
Search traffic in affiliate marketing is a gold mine. It can bring huge numbers of visitors and offers a high level of conversion. For optimal results, the affiliate marketing beginner has to understand what search traffic is, what types of search traffic exist, how they work and what the common affiliate marketing mistakes for search traffic are.