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Getting traffic is the breadwinning strategy for all affiliates. There are various methods to get the highest revenues, including Whitehat, Blackhat and Grayhat ones. If you don’t know which campaign to run to get revenues in a long-term perspective, here’s what you need to know – pros and cons of Whitehat and Blackhat techniques.
Social traffic is one of the most effective affiliate marketing types of traffic which allows you to reach out to and target the vast scopes of an audience. Moreover, some social media can help you to get closer to particular target audiences and help you optimize your ads depending on the data. Here’s how social traffic works.
Tax season in the U.S. can be annoying. But much worse when it comes to affiliate marketers who operate business from home. There is a high risk your prospering campaigns will die if you lose 50% of your income in taxes. To avoid this, read 10 tips for affiliate marketers on how to pay less tax in America.
The Affiliate World Europe Conference is coming, and all affiliates are getting ready for this essential event in the industry. Have you prepared too? You think you’ll be attending super affiliate meetups, speeches, and panels, but we know what you are going to do there. Ready for a trip? Click the link!
If you are a newcomer in affiliate marketing, you might skip some crucial ideas in increasing your CTR in Facebook ads. Here are three clues for you.
Find an online market place and launch an affiliate program for their products and services. Benefit from the highest commission, conversion and retention rates in the industry. Track clicks, conversions and also payments.