Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

What are the terms of payment? How long could it take to receive the payment?

Payments are carried out on a weekly basis. Every Thursday is a payday. We generate invoices every Wednesday for the total amount of your balance at the end of Tuesday. We pay the invoices for all the payment systems on Thursday unless there are any issues on the side of a payment provider. For new webmasters, payments are made starting 15 days after registration. The payment to a webmaster is based solely on the data and statistics from the Cpamatica partner network and is reflected in the account.

The minimum payouts are:

  • Payoneer — 50$;
  • Paxum — 50$;
  • PayPal — 500$;
  • Capitalist — 150$;
  • Cryptocurrency (USDT/BTC) — 300$.
  • Wire — 1000$*;

*transaction fee for EU (SEPA zone) and US wire transfers - 0$; all the rest - 35$.

Please note: the transaction can take up to 3 working days.

Could my payment be delayed?

Payment transactions can take up to 3 working days.

Here is an estimate for each of our payment methods:

Paxum: Usually same day, up to 48h (2 business days)

Payoneer: Usually same day, up to 48h (2 business days)

PayPal: Usually same day, up to 48h (2 business days)

Capitalist: Usually same day, up to 48h (2 business days)

Wire: Usually same day, up to 72h (3 business days)

Cryptocurrency (USDT/BTC): Usually same day, up to 48h (2 business days).

Remember, these do not reflect additional delays that may be caused due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, like local laws, bank processing standards, additional verification, shipping times, local holidays, server status, check shipping times, etc.

In what cases can my payment be put on hold?

So you've reached your minimum payout, and you’ve been waiting for your check to arrive, but still nothing?

This can happen in the following cases:

  • You don't have enough leads for traffic quality analysis. However, we reserve the right to evaluate all conversions to confirm valid.
  • You don't have payment details in your account. Please make sure you provide your payment details to your affiliate manager.
  • Your traffic has been investigated for possible fraudulent patterns by a network or an advertiser. This means that we are undertaking a deep analysis of your leads that can take up to 7 days. But usually, it takes no more than a couple of days, and your manager will keep you updated on the process.

What is the Cpamatica Loyalty Program (Cpamate)?

Cpamatica Club is a free loyalty program. Cpamatica affiliates get additional prizes for points they earn in the network: 1 point for every $10 earned. The more traffic you bring, the more revenue you make, and the more points you collect. We're constantly adding new ways to earn points and gifts, so keep your eyes peeled for email updates. For more details and gifts you can get, please visit

Do you have a referral program? How does it work?

Yes, we pay 2% of the affiliate's earnings you attracted. Meaning if someone signs up using your Cpamatica referral link, you will receive 2% in referral commissions for 12 months from the registration day of the referred affiliate.

Affiliates will not be paid for referring themselves and do not allow to refer their other accounts or family members.

Can we sign IO with you?

Yes, we can sign IOs (Insertion orders). This document describes the agreement between the publisher and the network to run a campaign.

Do you send any documents for taxes so that I can report my income? Can I have an invoice for the payment?

We can provide you with the signed IO (Insertion order), and the invoices for the transactions made to your account/wallet can be downloaded from your personal account. 

What if my manager does not reply?

Usually, our managers are available 24/7. But, if your manager doesn't reply on Skype or Telegram, please email them. You can also send a request to our Telegram bot . If these methods don’t help, please email us at

What actions are not allowed?

It is not allowed to:

  • Break the rules and conditions regarding the work with an offer: spam, usage of creatives with false information, bringing incent or motivated traffic, sending fraud traffic or "real lead" simulation etc. (for more information on types of fraud traffic, please refer to our Terms&Conditions)
  • Refer yourself or a family member.
  • Create two or more accounts without the permission of the affiliate manager. An account may have multiple users, but an affiliate can't have multiple Cpamatica accounts. If an affiliate is found to have multiple accounts, these accounts can be closed and the earnings forfeited.
  • Post on your social media or other open sources materials that are illegal or contain materials considered unacceptable or damaging to the reputation of Cpamatica.

More information on prohibited actions can be found in our Terms & Conditions .

What types of traffic does the network accept and forbid?

Cpamatica accepts almost all traffic types: Social networks, Native traffic, Email, Facebook, SEO, Google Ads, Yandex, Push, Pop, Banner, Teaser, Tubes, PWA, Member area, and others. Please pay attention to the offer description as each offer has its own permitted and forbidden sources.

It is forbidden to promote any Cpamatica offers through spam, content locking, incent, and other deceitful tactics. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  1. Spam (via email, forums, comments, and instant messenger)
  2. Incent or motivated traffic, and traffic created by any misleading or deceptive practice, method, or technology (including through any spyware, adware, device, program, robot, redirects, spiders, computer script, or other automated, artificial, or fraudulent methods designed to appear like an individual, real live person performing a Conversion).

More information on prohibited traffic sources can be found in our Terms & Conditions.

Can I have multiple accounts?

No. An account may have multiple users, but an affiliate can't have multiple Cpamatica accounts. If it is discovered that an affiliate has multiple accounts, the accounts can be closed, and earnings can be cancelled.

Can my leads be declined and removed from the balance?

Your leads can be declined if the network or advertiser have detected the leads to be invalid. The following leads are considered invalid:

  • generated via a computer-generated user, such as a robot, spider, computer script or other automated, artificial, or fraudulent method designed to appear like an individual; 
  • generated by a person who has previously registered for, opted-in to, and/or is already a member/customer of an applicable advertiser, as the case may be; 
  • does not meet all criteria of an offer.

Can I request an offer you do not have in the catalogue?

If we do not have an offer you are already running elsewhere, you can request it to be added, and our team will do everything possible to get it for you. Just contact your manager and send offer details.

How can I be updated on the new offers/landing pages, etc.?

We will send you a newsletter that may include company news, payout changes (general for the offers and for your personal payouts), new offers, or best working offers at the moment. So stay in touch and stay subscribed.

Never-ending support

After your affiliate registration is approved, you can find the complete list of frequently asked questions and answers in your Cpamatica personal account.