Master Telegram Ads: A Comprehensive Guide for Affiliates

Jun 2, 2024

Telegram changes every day! First we hear news about Premium users, then Stories, then AI... Each new feature literally changes the rules of Telegram marketing. So let’s find answers to the following questions:

  • How to create a Telegram account in 2024? (Using either real or virtual phone numbers)
  • What metrics truly matter regarding Telegram?
  • How have the introduction of Stories and Premium users impacted the Rules of Marketing on Telegram?
  • How much does it cost to work with Telegram?

And the main question, of course: do you really need to set up a channel for effective Telegram marketing in the 2024-2025 season?

Setting Up Your Telegram Advertising Account


The Telegram advertising account is quite similar to Facebook ads, with some innovations. In simple terms, it’s just a way to target an audience. You pay to deliver your ads to users who read channels related to your content.


Benefits for you

Telegram Ads

Reach 900 million users generating 1 trillion monthly views.

Privacy-Conscious Ad Targeting

Ads based on channel context, not personal data.

Earn from Telegram

Channel owners receive 50% of ad revenue.

Easy Setup

Input 160 characters, add a link, and choose channels.

Cryptocurrency Payments

Pay with TON for speed and low fees.

Content Creator Support

Helps creators earn from ads.

Diverse Content Platform

Suitable for various niches like business and affiliate marketing.

Targeted Audience Reach

Enhances market strategy and product sales with targeted ads.

Creating a Telegram Account

To start your Telegram Ads account, follow these simple steps.



Create a Telegram Account

Download the Telegram app. Register with your phone number. Verify your number.

Log in to the Telegram Ads Platform

Go to . Log in with your Telegram account. Confirm access via the Telegram app.

Set Up Your Profile

Choose either a personal account or create an organization linked to your Telegram channels.

Add Funds to Your Account

Add funds using TON, Telegram's cryptocurrency.

Create an Ad Campaign

Click ‘Create a new ad’. Fill in the title, text (up to 160 characters), and URL. The URL should link to a Telegram channel or bot.

Set Your Budget and CPM

Set the Cost-Per-Mille (CPM) and specify your ad budget.

Target Channels

Choose specific Telegram channels for your ads. Enter the unique links of the channels.

Submit and Monitor Your Ads

Submit your ad for review. Once approved, monitor performance through analytics tools.

How to register Telegram with a virtual anonymous number

To get a virtual number and use it for a Telegram account, start by visiting There, you can search for and purchase a virtual number using Toncoin. After buying the number, download and open the Telegram app. When prompted, enter the virtual number you purchased. Then, return to the website to check for a verification code sent by Telegram. Enter this code in the app to confirm it's you. Now, your Telegram account is ready. You can add your name and a photo without sharing your real phone number. It lets you chat, join channels, and keep your personal information private.

Understanding Telegram Ad Formats


Telegram offers a few effective ad formats.



Sponsored Messages

Short, targeted messages sent in large channels, requiring a substantial investment but providing extensive reach.

Channel Posts

Marketers create engaging posts within relevant channels, directly appealing to an engaged audience.


Used to automate interaction, deliver tailored content, or handle transactions seamlessly.

Chat Groups

Suited for subtle promotions that foster community interaction and engagement.


Ephemeral content that vanishes after a short duration, perfect for time-sensitive promotions.

Best Practices for Each Ad Format

We can share thousands of tricks about which practices are best for different advertising formats. But always start by creating a portrait of your target audience, understanding their interests, and analyzing the area where you will place your ads. Only then should you decide on the tone of appeal, media/video, and other aspects of your advertising strategy.

But if you want specific answers, here they are:

  1. For sponsored messages on Telegram — utilize psychological triggers.
  2. For channel posts — stick to native advertising.
  3. For bots — focus on maximizing interactions.
  4. For chat groups — use a step-by-step approach to gradually engage users into a funnel.
  5. For Stories — use a style similar to typical social media stories.

Developing Your Advertising Strategy

Set clear goals, such as increasing sales or brand awareness. Identify your target audience on Telegram. Establish a budget and key performance indicators like clicks and conversions.

Choose the methods from the formats described before. Decide on a tone that matches your brand and appeals to your audience:

  • Use in Stories for quick action. Example: "Limited time offer, act now!"
  • Highlight in Sponsored Messages. Example: "Exclusive deal for our Telegram followers."
  • Encourage engagement through bots and chat groups. Example: "Chat with our bot for personalized recommendations."

Creating Compelling Ad Content

When you want to run ads on Telegram, all you need to do is follow the common rules:

  • Learn your target.
  • Define or create a problem.
  • Offer a solution.
  • Use CTA based on marketing or psychological triggers.

My personal recommendation is that even if you have time, money, and resources, you should always strive to be native.

Budgeting and Bidding on Telegram

I recommend using TGstat to analyze potential donor channels by various parameters, choose the most suitable ones, and buy the ad space there. This strategy helps ensure that your advertising efforts are more targeted and effective.







Number of people following a channel.





How many times posts are seen.

10K+ per post

1K-10K per post

<1K per post

Engagement Rate

Interaction level of the audience.




Post Reach

Average views per post.




Growth Rate

Rate at which subscribers are increasing.

10%+ per month

1-10% per month

<1% per month


How often the channel is mentioned elsewhere.

100+ mentions

10-100 mentions

<10 mentions

Daily Active Users

Number of subscribers active each day.

50%+ of subscribers

20-50% of subscribers

<20% of subscribers

Publication Frequency

How often new posts are made.



Less than weekly

Top Posts

Most popular posts by engagement.

High engagement consistently

Occasional high engagement

Rare high engagement

Citation Index

Viral potential based on mentions and shares.




Channel Age

How long the channel has been active.

1+ year

6 months - 1 year

<6 months

Interaction Time

Best times for posting based on activity.

Consistently high during posts


Low during posts

Audience Interests

Topics and content that engage the audience most.

High relevance to audience

Somewhat relevant

Low relevance

External Traffic

Traffic coming from external sources.

High external traffic

Moderate external traffic

Low external traffic 

Launching Your Ad Campaign

Start by creating a Telegram account and setting up your channel. Choose your target audience and create engaging content. Use bots to automate interactions and promote your products. Post regularly to keep your subscribers interested. Use TGstat to analyze potential channels for ad placement. Choose the best channels to post your ads and monitor performance. Adjust your strategy based on engagement and feedback. Earn more by effectively promoting your products and engaging with your audience.

Testing and Optimization Tips

Start by experimenting with different ad formats such as sponsored messages, channel posts, and bot interactions. Create multiple versions of your ads to see which performs best. Monitor engagement metrics like views, clicks, and conversions to determine the most effective content. Use small budget tests before scaling up.

Follow this simple rule: run many different ads. Keep using the ads that work well for your defined audience. Do the same with donor channels. If an ad performs poorly, either stop using it or change the audience. Conduct A/B testing. This is the key to success!

Alternatives to TGstat Tools for Telegram Analysis and Reporting

Looking for TGstat alternatives? Here are some tools to help you with Telegram analysis and reporting. Use them to track your subscribers, engagement, and make more money.



Why Use It



Track what your members do. Keeps groups in line with chatbots. Good for saving time and money.


Gives you detailed stats on your posts. Perfect for niche stuff. Makes you look smart.



Tell you what’s happening right now. Good for real-time tracking. Keeps you in the loop.



Schedules posts and handles replies. Keeps your audience happy without much effort.



Shows what your members are up to. Helps you understand your clients. Makes your affiliate marketing better.

Advanced Telegram Ad Techniques

What about advanced Telegram ad techniques? Well, this is a challenging question. The first and most obvious tip: follow trending themes and buy ads in crypto-related areas. Telegram is a hotspot for crypto and cryptoscam projects, which means the audience is more receptive and active. You can find affordable projects with an engaged audience where you can buy ad space and achieve maximum profit for the dating niche. It may seem suspicious, but it works.

The second, less obvious place: NSFW chats and channels. These are filled with an active audience, and almost no one buys ads there. If you are confident in the quality of your project, you might try advertising in these spaces. However, always check TGStat to ensure the key metrics are favorable.

Retargeting Strategies


Retargeting on Telegram isn't possible due to the platform's privacy policies, which don't share user data. However, an effective strategy is to create a fake channel, attract an audience, and then aggressively promote sponsored ads within it. This method capitalizes on Telegram's unique advertising ecosystem and can drive higher engagement in niche markets. Use these tips to maximize your efforts:

  • Create a Fake Channel — Design a compelling channel that aligns with your niche market.
  • Attract Audience — Utilize various marketing tactics to bring in followers.
  • Promote Sponsored Ads — Target your content within the channel to maximize visibility and engagement.

Common Mistakes to Avoid with Telegram Ads

Many common mistakes in Telegram ads are subjective, and our tips for the dating niche might not apply to other verticals. However, despite the subjective nature and poor ad experiences, there are always common mistakes, such as:

  1. Using Telegram Ads Extensively — It's pricey and often a waste of money. Avoid this and look for better options.
  2. Ignoring Native Advertising — Always use native ads to blend with the content and engage the customer.
  3. Choosing Poor Channels — Use TGStat to avoid bad channels. Don’t waste money on ineffective channels for your niche.
  4. Not Manually Analyzing Ads — Don't rely just on bots. Check your ad performance manually for better insights.
  5. Violating Content Rules — Follow the rules to avoid bans. Keep your ads available to the online audience.
  6. Not Using UTM Marks — Always use UTM marks to track ad effectiveness and sales. They help improve your strategy.

All other mistakes you can make on Telegram are buying ad space on the wrong channels or poorly executing your marketing strategies. This includes having a cheap and inconvenient landing page, a bad vertical, or a poor product. However, these are common marketing mistakes and are not exclusive to Telegram.


We've looked at new tools and ways affiliates are using Telegram for ads. Setting up and using different ad types like sponsored messages and posts shows the unique challenges and chances Telegram offers. It's important to test and tweak your ads based on what actually works. Knowing and connecting with your audience well matters a lot, whether you're trying advanced tactics or just starting. Keep adapting to make sure your Telegram strategies are set up for success in digital marketing.

Daria (Affiliate Manager)
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