6 Tips to Pick the Best Affiliate Programs

May 19, 2024
6-tips-to-pick-the-best-affiliate -programs

Hey, mate! The time has come. After all our guides on creating ads, managing client streams, and making funnels, you’re ready for the final step: learning how to find affiliate programs effectively.

We won’t promote any specific affiliate program, niche, or vertical to you here. Instead, we’ll teach you how to find the best affiliate programs exactly for your needs!

Tip 1: Check Commission Structures


Money — money is always the end goal for everyone, especially when you're searching for affiliate offers. So, what do you need to consider when evaluating commission structures?



Expectations for the Dating Niche

Potential Exploits


Money earned per affiliate action. Determines potential income from each link or sale.

Average $50 per sale.

Setting high thresholds for payout, minimizing chances to earn commissions.


Clarity of the affiliate program's terms and conditions. Crucial for understanding profit and rules.

Typically vague on specifics.

Using complex jargon or hidden terms to obscure rules and reduce payouts.

Structure of Commission Rewards

Type of commission model used (CPA, CPS, CPC, etc.). Affects how affiliates are paid per action.

15-30% per sale for CPS.

Promoting less profitable actions (like CPC at $0.01 per click) as beneficial.

Fee Delays

Timing of payment after the affiliate action. Affects cash flow for affiliates.

Payments delayed up to 60 days.

Extending payment terms without notice, causing cash flow issues for affiliates.

Terms and Conditions

Rules that define valid qualifying actions for payout.

Must generate at least 10 sales per month.

Imposing unclear conditions that affiliates cannot practically meet.

Tax Policies

How taxes are handled concerning affiliate earnings. Important for financial planning.

No withholding; affiliates handle taxes.

Failing to provide necessary tax documentation, complicating tax reporting. 

Tip 2: Consider the Relevance to Your Audience


Suppose you're a pro—no, let's say THE professional marketer. Then, you're aware that you can potentially sell anything to anyone.

But, not all people working in affiliate marketing come from a marketing background. Many are bloggers or influencers. They find affiliate programs to be revenue opportunities for cheap and dirty money instead of complex arbitrage schemes. Essentially, they’re exchanging their reputation for cash.

Here’s a working plan: create a target audience profile based on the metrics you have. Then check the potential target audience of the affiliate program you’re considering, then compare... and if it’s a match, start working with the chosen affiliate program. If not, carry on finding affiliate programs that suit you. That’s all.

Do you need assistance creating a profile for your target audience? We have the resources to help you do it. Or you can delegate that work to AI tools. Good luck, have fun!

Tip 3: Look for Quality and Credibility of Products


On the one hand, you might come across affiliate programs offering suspicious deals that promise high commissions and quick sales. Making money fast does sound tempting, but beware of the big risk. These offers might be complete scams because they lack honesty and reliability. They don't care about quality or their customers.

On the other hand, when you choose to work with a trusted company, things look a bit different.

  1. Even if you earn a bit less money, you get a stable income.
  2. You can set up your sales funnels to work automatically.
  3. Working with a good company helps you build a lasting business.

So, make the right choice. Look for affiliate programs with good products that people trust. Check their history and what other partners say about them. This way, you earn not just money but also respect and trust in your market. Look, it's better to earn less at the start and grow steadily than to lose everything to a scam.

Tip 4: Assess the Affiliate Program’s Support System


Here's what you need to know about your affiliate program search.

  • Good affiliate programs offer comprehensive help. They answer your questions quickly and clearly. If you're stuck or something goes wrong, they're there to fix it.
  • Effective affiliate programs provide you with links, banners, and maybe even training on how to sell better. These tools make your job easier.
  • A good program keeps you informed. They tell you about new products or changes in the market. This helps you stay ahead and keep making money.
  • Sometimes, it's good to talk to other affiliates like you. Some programs have forums or groups where you can learn from others.
  • You should easily see how much money you're making, which links are working, and how customers are buying. Simple, clear reports let you know if you’re doing well.

Check for these things in an affiliate program. They show the company values you and wants you to succeed. More support means better performance and more money for you.

Tip 5: Check for Competitive Edge


This advice focuses more on the product's unique position within the market rather than just how to meet your targets using arbitrage traffic with an inferior product overwhelmed by affiliate search systems.

It's better if your competitive edge is clearly defined, and you can display it in your advertising campaign.

Unable to identify the competitive edge of the product you're promoting? Consider assessing the following aspects to clearly define the competitive advantage of the specific affiliate offer, not just the product itself.


Examples (in Dating Niche)

Higher Commission Rates

30% commission on subscriptions vs. the typical 20%.

Exclusive Deals

Early access to new features or special pricing for your followers.

Marketing Support

Custom banners, professional images, and pre-written content.

Brand Reputation

Promoting a popular and trusted dating site.

Innovative Technology

Sophisticated link tracking and audience targeting tools.

Product Quality

Reliable dating platforms with excellent user feedback.

Tip 6: Review Terms and Conditions


Terms and conditions are the rules you agree to when you join an affiliate program. They include how you earn money, how long your links will work (cookie duration), and what you need to do to get paid. Understanding these rules helps you work better and avoid problems when you search affiliate programs.

Common Tricks



Long Cookie Durations That Aren’t Honored

Some programs offer long cookie durations, but track poorly.

Promises 30-day cookies, but cookies might only last for a few days.

High Threshold for Payments

Setting high minimum earnings before you can get paid.

Must earn $100 before payment, making it hard for small publishers.

Vague Definitions of Qualifying Sales

Not clear about what sales earn commissions.

Terms might not specify which products count, affecting your earnings.

Changes Without Notice

Changing terms without telling you.

Rates or rules can change, impacting your planned earnings.

Restrictive Content Rules

Strict rules about where and how you can promote links.

Not allowed to use certain social media or need approval for each ad.


Now, you know how to spot the best affiliate programs in the market. Remember, finding the right partner is not just about grabbing any program online.

First, keep your eyes on the commission structure. Make sure the vendor is clear about everything.

Next, think about your audience. The products you promote should align with their interests. This alignment makes your content more powerful and your promotions more successful.

When you find affiliate offers, you shouldn’t forget that quality products are a must. A good reputation in the market makes a program easier to promote and builds trust. Quick help, useful tools, and clear information make your job as a publisher easier and more efficient.

Don’t forget to check the competitive edge. What makes this program better than others? The features that set you apart catch the audience’s attention.

Lastly, review the terms and conditions carefully. They should be similar to what you’ve seen in other programs but with better transparency.

Keep in mind that not every affiliate partner is the same. By using these tips as a checklist, you can compare different programs and choose one that offers a great partnership opportunity with a perfect offer for an online website with a perfect rate among all the offers on the market. Promote products that are a good match and build a stable relationship with your trusted advertiser.

Yulia Drutskaya
Middle Affiliate Manager

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