2024 SEO Strategies for Adult Affiliate Websites: Maximize Your Visibility

Feb 19, 2024

SEO—some people hate it, some love it. Still, it’s invaluable for getting organic traffic for affiliate marketing. The importance of SEO in affiliate marketing really lies in the organic aspect. Organic traffic from SEO relies on content and keyword optimization for free, lasting visibility, whereas pre-paid traffic comes from paid ads for immediate, cost-dependent visibility.

At first, we’ll share with you a unique insight that is often overlooked. When we’re talking about organic traffic, we mean we’re getting more loyal but cold clients. If we optimize our page with all those ranks, backlinks, and other strategies to reach the top of search engine results, we achieve a steady, high stream of clients for almost free. With this in mind, let’s get into specifics!

Understanding Search Engine Algorithms


First, follow these easy steps to grasp the basics.

  • Begin broadly with SEO, then focus on proven strategies. Optimize your website with a wide range of keywords before narrowing down the ones that drive affiliate traffic and conversion.
  • Target top Google rank to reach first-page presence. Every spot earned boosts visibility, driving more traffic and enhancing affiliate marketing success.
  • Focus on quality over quantity when building backlinks. Effective affiliate marketing SEO requires relevant links with authority for better ranking.

Market Change — Bing Traffic

Before November 2022, almost all traffic was only about Google. However, with the emergence of Bing Chat (which eventually turned into Copilot), more and more traffic is coming from the Bing search system. As of today, it accounts for about 8% of the search engine market share, and this percentage is steadily increasing. What’s more, the Bing search engine is similar to Google's 2017-2018 engine, predating the introduction of EAT/YMYL guidelines. What does this mean?

  1. You can use more spammy keywords than Google would allow.
  2. You can use AI assistance to create content.
  3. You can pay less attention to LSI and focus on primary keywords.

And, of course, there's a much better chance of getting into Bing's featured snippet than Google!

Keyword Research and Optimization

This part is simple. You must get Ahrefs (or Serp Stat) and SurferSEO. These are the most widely used tools to build an SEO strategy and convert your effort into traffic.

So, you need:

  • Ahrefs to analyze the main keywords of your niche and acquire them for your keyword research (you can use Serpstat for the same purpose).
  • SurferSEO to analyze competitor keywords and find LSI keywords (LSI means "Latent Semantic Indexing," created to help search engines display better search results).

In short, your goal is to incorporate all the keyword recommendations into your text.

Warning Paragraph

When we talk about keywords within a text, it's all about following the leader and copying the strategies of articles favored by search engines like Google or Bing. Keywords alone do not guarantee you high rankings, even if you know how to use them. What really makes a difference is the extra optimization efforts and acquiring high-quality links.

On-Page SEO Techniques


On other sites, you may find thousands of SEO tips for affiliate marketing. But to be frank, they are absolutely useless. That's why you better follow our advice.

  1. Uniqueness: It doesn't have to be perfect according to the service you choose. However, you should ensure that you do not have paragraphs that are not unique. For most services, having 85-90% uniqueness is sufficient. For product texts, having 70% uniqueness is acceptable.
  2. Keywords: These little nuisances are important. Aim to include them all, but not too close to one another. Ignore all those calculations about how many words should be between each keyword. Work intuitively.

Meta descriptions no longer feature a significant role in Google. So, you can delegate them to any AI text generation tool based on your text. However, Meta Titles are still crucial. They must be:

  1. Unique.
  2. Contain keywords.
  3. Be catchy.
  4. Be no more than 65 characters.

If your URL is short, you’re in luck. You can use SurferSEO’s recommended number of images for even better results. However, your loading time should be less than a second. To achieve this, you need to optimize your images to WebP format and compress them with TinyPNG.

Content Strategy

This part is quite controversial. All you need to do is extract your semantic core using Ahrefs and then categorize these into distinct, useful topics. Use SurferSEO LSIs and create as much content as you can.

The difficulty usually lies in trying to cover many different niches. That's why if you're working for long-term engagement, you need a blog. The best way to find good article ideas for SEO is to follow Google Trends, which can result in awesome amounts of traffic. You take your long keywords, put them into Google Trends, and see which threads and topics are currently trending. And then... just keep doing what works the best. But remember that the content uniqueness is vital as well.

Off-Page SEO Strategies


There are thousands of tips on how to optimize your page, but here are the fundamental parts you need to take into account:

  1. Technical SEO: Robots.txt and other elements that you can't solve on your own require hiring a Search Engine Optimization specialist. Do not cut your costs on such a specialist, as they may turn out to be your key to conquering the market. Also, the higher the loading speed of your website, the more traffic you can source.
  2. Buy Crowd Links: Nowadays, Crowd Links are referred to as Outreach, and they must demonstrate expertise, among other criteria. However, the truth about outreach for affiliate marketing and Search Engine Optimization is very simple. You need to get:
  • A backlink from a trusted resource.
  • A backlink from a resource that will not be banned on Google (or Bing, if you're looking to get traffic there).

At this rate, everything is completely simple. The more links you have, the better. Do not pull the links for all pages; you need to push only the main pages, which will make you the most money.

Among all the pieces of advice we offer, here's a key one. Use social media marketing (SMM) to attract a large audience. Post content frequently. Your position on social media platforms is not as essential, but each link shared will significantly raise the value of your page.

Technical SEO

Hire an SEO expert for technical SEO to boost your page's performance. We're not giving out technical SEO tips because one wrong move could wipe out all your hard work, time, and money! But an expert will shoot your CTR through the roof. It'll set you up to dominate the market. Think of it as an investment that saves you time and cash in the long run.

But if you still want to take the risk alone, I can't stress it enough: hiring a specialist would have been much better. Consider this first: You need to secure an SSL certificate. It may seem like nothing special, but an SSL-approved site ranks much higher than an unsecured one. But if you think that's all, you might be mistaken. It's just the beginning of a painful journey.

Now, you need to optimize your XML sitemap. It may seem like a simple task, but 60% of web admins who strive for better rankings ruin their sites at this stage.

If your site survives up to this point, you still have to optimize your robots.txt file, manage redirects, remove duplicate content, protect from any malicious SQL query, and ensure your sitemap is included. Not to mention optimizing your tags and securing backlinks.

Analytics and Adaptation

When you finally add thousands of expert articles with expert crowd links, you may want to do an audit for the following pages:

  1. The ones with huge traffic.
  2. The ones with poor traffic.
    Use SurferSEO to get the following insights:
  1. Did you choose the proper keyword for getting a page higher?
  2. Did you include the main keyword in the title?
  3. Did you include all the LSIs?
  4. Is your SurferSEO score higher than average?

The main reason to use SurferSEO is that it gives you exact info and compares your sites to your competition, and that’s really cool. When you audit the pages, you will know how to get a higher score and more traffic. If they become successful, just buy more crowd links. It’s the best tactic to maximize your visibility for Google.

Thus, you will always see your CTR increasing after each audit.


Affiliate marketing and SEO is easy. Like one, two, three. But all of our advice works only if you follow it. Here’s a checklist for you to use:

  1. Focus on free ways to get more visitors.
  2. Find and use the best keywords with tools like Ahrefs and SurferSEO.
  3. Make your site easy to find.
  4. Write lots of good articles while using the right word selection.
  5. Get trusted websites to link to yours.
  6. Update your site with new content regularly.
  7. Use social media to get more people to see your site.
Yulia Drutskaya
Middle Affiliate Manager

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